In June 2012, Joan Lipkin spent  a month on the campus of Auburn University in Alabama, collaborating with theater professor  Dr. Heather May to develop a foundation for a new student theater company based at the university to focus on diversity issues.  Joan attended rehearsals, led sessions on different techniques for identifiying, discussing, improvising, and writing material for new pieces.  She also helped shape some of the direction.

Since the company debuted to the campus community in August, they have averaged a request every week for a performance.  Very exciting for a brand new company.

Here's some more about the mission of Mosaic and some blogs that Joan wrote about her experience:

The Mosaic Theatre Company believes that theatre provides an ideal forum for exploring diversity by engaging audiences and performers in imaginative exploration, empathy, and shared narrative. Their mission is to foster dialogue through the creation and performance of original works of theatre that interrogate current issues of diversity in the hopes of crafting lifelong alliances.

Co-founded by Auburn University's College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Theatre in 2012, the Mosaic Theatre Company (MTC) generates original works of theatre that engage performers and audiences in contemporary issues of diversity (in its myriad forms). MTC creates theatre with the intention of taking it out into the community for direct conversation with appropriate audiences. 

The Artistic Director of MTC is Department of Theatre Associate Professor Heather May. The Guest Artist for the 2012-2013 season is Joan Lipkin.

Guest Blog Posts by Joan Lipkin from Heather May's Website "Playing the Other"

Post 1: "Why Make It Up?"

Post 2: "Making the Work Without Writer's Cramp"

Post 3: "Goodbye for Now"

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